We are a holistic, health & wellness center in Brooklyn, New York. We want to encourage you to get out of the fitness gym & into your body... That's where the true fitness centers should be... Health and fitness is what we do...

The29now is where your health matters. If you are ready to get into the best shape of your life on all levels, then The29Now is where you want to be!

We are a Brooklyn based holistic, health & wellness center in the heart of New York. The concrete jungle can me a challenging environment to grow. Our personal training service is dedicated to your overall development. With a Holistic approach, we will permanently transcend your physical appearance as well as your life. We offer at home workouts on our youtube channel as well as workout plans for women and men. With our core goals focused on body, mind & spiritual development, workouts can be designed to suit your personal, physical and spiritual needs.

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Isaac HW Joseph, Founder & Instructer

Sharon Rosenberg, Partner & Content Creator

Santiago Cintron, DP & Nutritional Researcher 

Simone Thompson, PR

Luna X, Social Media