Mindful State of Being Class

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Mindful State of Being Class

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation 

LLet me help you become conscious of your day to day actions. Through our Guided Mindfulness Meditation. This three part workshop is intended to help beings of all ages, at any fitness level become more conscious of the Physical Body & Mind relationship. This will be accomplished through the process of Movement & meditations. Using techniques such as the Feldenkrais Technique and Viewpoints Technique. This workshop is a guided meditation that will provide you with core correctional healing techniques that can be applied to fitness routines as well as everyday life to create a healthier you in New York City. 

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Additional Info:

This workshop is intended to bring to light the importance of implementing spirituality into our everyday life and fitness routine, through the methods of visualizations, body & mind consciousness, self-love and Self-realization. 

Skills & Knowledge

We will be addressing and developing visualization skills, expanding on knowledge of affirmations and increasing body & mind consciousness. We will take time to address how to apply these skills to our everyday life, and workout routines in a positive, self loving way that is mentality and emotionally empowering.

By the end of the session participants will have an understanding and the ability  to apply the following to their life as well as workout routine:

  1. Positive visualization
  2. Showing self awareness 
  3. Ability to use meditation through out work-outs and daily life 
  4. Ability to use Affirmations to motivate and shift thoughts 
  5. Ability to take an unbiased approach when evaluating one's self progress